Pur vs MeetEdgar

Pur Social vs. MeetEdgar

4 October 2021

A Strong Alternative

MeetEdgar is another popular tool for Social Media Management. It has flexible features but is still on the pricier side. Let’s have a better look at what puts us apart.

Key differences

What sets these two apart


MeetEdgar’s starting is at 3 social account for $19 p/m – which is generally not enough. Pur’s starting plan is at 5 social accounts for just $11 p/m.


MeetEdgar has some amazing features to get your socials moving. However, it lacks depth for certain features, like on the analytics and automation front. The frequencies of reposting are limited, as well as the timeframe for reporting is only set to one week. At Pur, we value flexibility and in-depth customization for your convenience.

Social Networks

When it comes to flexibility in terms of social media, there really aren’t many options on the market to beat our range. MeetEdgar offers all the standard platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. However, in addition to those we offer Telegram, VK and Odnoklassniki. These combined amount to well over billion monthly users.

Feature comparison

Where it all stands




For 5 social accounts


Only 3 social accounts

In-depth Analytics

Variety of periods, benchmarks, reporting options

Green tick

Basic analytics, only weekly reporting

RSS Feed

Automatically post from your RSS feed

Green tick


Have to use third party services (Zapier)

Automatic Post Resharing

Green tick

Green tick

But not enough flexibility in time frames

Telegram Integration

Green tick


VK Integration

Green tick


Odnoklassiniki Integration

Green tick


Disclaimer: The views and opinions written above are the opinion of the marketing agency engaged by Pur Social. If you have any concerns with regards the comparison above, or think it needs an update, please contact Pur Social.

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