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All you need to get the job done.

Schedule all of your posts, publish them to your social platforms and review their progress - all in one place.

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Plan days, weeks or even months in advance.

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Getting started

It’s as simple as…


Connect your social accounts

Pur integrates seamlessly with all your favourite social accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, VK, Telegram, Odnoklassniki.

Create your first post

Create an engaging post to share the amazing new product you're selling or the brand new service you're offering.



Decide when and where to share

Plan all the material in advance, que it up for desired intervals and save hours of your time.

It publishes automatically

Take the hassle out of having to manually publish each post, let Pur do it for you.


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A clear view of your timetable

Pur's timetable allows for multiple views to simplify filling it with your posts all in one spot.

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Day view

Monitor all your posts grouped by day.

Account view

Account view groups all your posts by account. To keep consistency across all your socials.

Category view

Allows to filter by custom categories for better post management.

Author view

Allows to filter by author categories for improved team publishing.

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Scheduling your posts

Schedule multiple posts to multiple social accounts to save yourself time and stress.

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Clear schedule

The schedule clearly shows which posts will be published and when.

Schedule by accounts

The schedule can be viewed separately for each social account.

Category view

The categories in the schedule will help you distribute content types evenly.

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Create engaging posts

Pur provides the ability to create engaging posts using our editor and templates. Keep it fresh every time.

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Customize your post for different social accounts in one editor.


Add frequently repeated post snippets with one click, including dynamic ability.


Upload a video and we'll process & post it to selected social accounts.


Allows you to work on ideas for posts.


Shows how the post will look on each social network.


Engage your audience with poll posts (where supported).


Brand photos and videos with your logo.


Typograph will correct dashes, brackets and more in the text of the post.

Not to mention…

Link shortening and UTM tags

We'll shorten links and put UTM tags so you know which social networks and posts are driving traffic and sales.

Team work

Add teammates to collaborate on content and analyze results.

Chrome Extension

Create posts and fill your content plan without leaving the pages you are on.

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Post your content wherever you want.

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Post using RSS

Put your updates on auto-pilot


Site updated with new content

New content is published to your site or other feed.

Pur checks for new content

Pur automatically checks your RSS feeds and creates new items as a post configured using your feed template.



Optional: Save as draft

Pur generated RSS social media posts can be saved as a draft for manual editing if there are any changes required before publishing.


The posts that Pur creates for you from the RSS feed can be set to publish automatically, with no manual intervention required.


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Repeatable posts

Set a post to be repeated by selecting the frequency for the post and Pur will publish them automatically. This allows for reaching a larger audience.

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Custom frequencies

You specify the frequency, for example: repeat the post every Monday at 8am.


Set Pur to stop the posts at a specific date, after a number of posts or leave it forever.

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Import posts from files

Fill your social media in advance by uploading posts from an Excel or CSV file.

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Bulk upload

Bulk upload your social posts by using a CSV or Excel file.

Images supported

Include images in bulk uploaded posts by providing the image URL.

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See how your posts are engaging.

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Account statistics

With Pur, you can see how many new followers you’ve gained across all of your connected accounts.

This includes your reach, your engagement and the statistics related to people viewing your stories.

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The total number of accounts followers, growth and churn.


Followers engagement by day and post.

Reach & impressions

Impressions, total reach, and by category: organic, ad, viral.

Video views

Video views by day, by post and by the first 24 hours after publication.

Stories statistics

The total number of stories views.

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The main metrics of the accounts are placed in widgets. They display the current value of the metric and its change compared to the previous period.

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Choose any period for analysis.

Compare periods

Compare current period with any period you need.


Build reports by months, weeks and days: if you look at the statistics for the current year, then on the graphs we will show each month and changes relative to the previous one.

Generate automatic reports for your desired period (daily, weekly, monthly)

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Posts statistics

Pur collects all available social media post metrics. The data is updated every hour.

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For each post, all available interaction metrics are counted: likes, comments, shares, clicks, video views, saves, the number of subscribes and unsubscribes (for VK).


We count views and post reach. Whenever possible, we calculate reach by categories: organic, viral, advertising.


We calculate two engagement rates for each post: in relation to reach (ERR) and in relation to the number of subscribers at the time of publication.

Engagement by content type

Shows how different types of posts engage readers.

Engagement by categories

Shows how different categories engage readers.

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Hashtags statistics

Analyze all the hashtags used in posts and see which ones get the most interactions.

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All hashtags that were used on posts for the selected period.


The number of posts and main interactions collected on posts with this hashtag.

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Team performance

Analyze the posting performance of each connected teammate.

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Teammate content

See how many posts each teammate made and how their posts engaged followers.


Teammate post statistics can be viewed for each page.

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Export data

Export all data to Excel or basic metrics to PDF.

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Export to Excel

All available metrics by post and by page can be exported to Excel to build a detailed report.

Export to PDF

You can export basic metrics by post and by page to PDF. Top posts, page statistics, engagement.

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Email reports

Every week and month we send your social accounts performance report to the email.

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Data in the report

- Page statistics
- Reach
- Engagement
- Best posts

Teammate data

View teammate content data and statistics through report.

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Pur is integrated with Google Analytics and Bitly to provide you even more accessibility when using the platform.

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Integration with Google Analytics

Use the integration with Google Analytics to understand what traffic and conversions each post brings.

Integration with

Use the integration with Bitly to shorten, share, manage and analyse links to your content.

Pricing for all

All you need to get the job done.

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