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Understanding how your customers are experiencing your product or service is paramount to maintaining high customer satisfaction.

Your brand should be putting a heavy focus on a positive customer experience. Not only will your customer base stay healthy, but your product or service will also benefit.

So, how are we going to find out if our customers are satisfied? By collecting feedback, of course.

Using Instagram to get customer feedback is super easy. Since Instagram as a platform is all about expression of self, it means that customers are more likely to connect with brands that use the platform how the customers do.

Let’s check out some ways to get customer feedback with Instagram!

1. Keep an eye on your DMs

Customer service on social media has made it easier than ever for customers to reach out to their favourite brand or service.

Your customers might message you on Instagram for some product information, complaints or appreciation. If you don’t reply to these messages quick enough, they have the potential to be buried in your inbox under all the others.

Instagram have a feature of the inbox known as message requests, and these message go to a seperate inbox outside of your primary one. This is essentially an automatic spam filter. If the message is sent by an account you don’t follow, this is where it will end up.

Since it’s impossible to follow every client, inevitably some messages will end up in the request inbox. Make sure you keep an eye on it.

2. Make use of Polls

Time sensitive content is a powerful marketing tool to use on your social media accounts. When the content has an expiry, it creates a sense of urgency for the customer, it’s the ‘fear of missing out’ which keeps them coming back to your account to check for new content.

For you business or brand, it’s a clever way to collect feedback without overwhelming your customers.

Some must-do’s when creating a poll on Instagram:

  • The right background photo: Your poll needs to have a photo of your product or service. If it’s a this or that style poll then show both options.
  • Questions and answers: Come up with a question that is going to make customers want to answer, and provide them with a few options, including an ‘other’ option which they can direct message you to elaborate on.
  • Make it worthwhile: Rewarding people for their effort is a sure fire way to keep them engaged. By offering them something like a discount or a free product with their next purchase you’ll encourage participation.

3. Stories questions

Question stickers are a sure fire way to understand more about what your customers like and don’t like.

An Instagram story that has a question sticker can be answered simply by clicking the text box and typing. There are no limits to the questions that can be asked, always give your customers the freedom to ask whatever they want to maintain engagement.

The answers will appear in your inbox and if you want to share the question and answer with your followers, you simply create a new story with the question and answer in your inbox.

You can also use this feature to ask a specific question to get answers from your followers. A great tool for feedback when discussing a new product or service.

  • Confidentiality: Make sure you let your followers know that the person who gives an answer will only known by you. You don’t want to make them wary of answering, so keep it confidential.
  • Actually answer the questions: This is a simple one, if you put up a question sticker, make sure you answer it. Even if it’s only through the DMs you receive, your followers want to be assured that they’re not wasting their time.
  • Creativity: Freedom of choice is massively important, let your followers be heard by allowing them to share their thoughts and questions with you. Even if its something small, the importance of allowing your followers to be heard cannot be understated.

4. Read the comments

Your comment section under a post is your first point of reference when trying to understand your followers better. This is where you’ll receive feedback, be able to cultivate better relationships with them and even draw some inspiration from their suggestions.

The reality of a comment section is that you’re probably going to see more negativity instead of positivity. People are more likely to leave negative comments.

No brand is exempt from this rule, but most brands have figured out a way to combat this by responding to these comments with a solution. Being able to handle negative comments correctly is going to be crucial in building your brand.

Let your customers be heard, and do you best to provide them with a solution to any problem they may encounter. The quicker you solve any issues, the better you look.

5. Track your mentions

The Instagram platform makes it easy for customers and followers to express their feelings towards a brand by using the mention feature. Anyone can create a post, or comment somewhere and tag the brand in question. This is why it’s important as a brand to make sure you click through and check each mention.

By checking each mention you get context.

When you receive a tag you need to act fast; read the caption, comment on the photo, and learn about your customers. Being quick to react to a tag shows that you care about your brand and those who mention you.

6. Do some detective work

Sharing thoughts and opinions is something that social media users love to do. Sometimes, customers prefer to keep their thoughts and opinions native to their accounts. And if they aren’t tagging you with a mention, it’ll be harder for you to find that feedback.

Check the comment section of your posts and click through to a few profiles. You’ll learn about your customers through their direct interactions on their profiles. Not everything you find is going to be useful, but there is the chance that you’ll find organic feedback when customers aren’t prompted to do so by your brand.

For you brand to reach that next level make sure to listen to your Instagram followers as they will share feedback with you through various ways.