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All the popular creators, users and brand on TikTok have one thing in common: the blue checkmark of verification.

The blue check mark is more than just a status symbol.

Having the blue check mark on your account gives it another layer of authenticity, it allows you to build your brand’s credibility, increases your chances of exposure, and above all, distinguishes you from any impersonators of your brand.

So, how do you get verified then? We’ll break it down for you.

What is a TikTok verified badge?
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Source: TikTok

The TikTok verification badge is the little blue checkmark you see next to a profile’s handle. The check mark is there to indicate that the account is real, and not run by an impersonator.

TikTok has over three billion downloads meaning that the potential for a marketing campaign on the platform is massive.

If your account has a blue check mark it can expose your content to an even wider audience.

Increased visibility and authenticity on the platform adds an extra layer of credibility to your brand, official recognition certainly doesn’t hurt with this.

In an era where misinformation is spread at an alarming rate, the badge is designed to distinguish and protect well-known users, creators, and brands from impersonators.

How many followers do I need to get verified?

Getting verified on TikTok doesn’t come with a follower goal you need to reach, you can have 5 followers or you can have 5 million followers. TikTok's main focus is to verify the authenticity of an account, not track your audience count.

How do I get verified?

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok doesn't have a verification request system in place. Instead, TikTok has a dedicated team that seeks out creators on the platform to grant a badge - you must be selected, there is no other way.

TikTok considers multiple factors when deciding who to give a clue check to, things like how active you are and if your profile is public.

You can’t follow a set of steps to get verified but the list of things you can do below certainly won’t hurt your efforts in getting the blue check:

  1. Be Consistent - Consistently posting engaging content on the platform is your ticket to success. Keep up with trends and be creative.
  2. Go Viral - Going viral is easier said than done, but if you can manage to do so you’ll have the chance to land on the ‘For You Page’ and increase your reach.
  3. Keep Your Audience Engaged - Stay engaged with your followers, reply to comments, like their content. Be visible and be authentic.
  4. Grow Your Following - TikTok will take notice if you’ve managed to cultivate a large following. The potential for growth on TikTok is unmatched at the moment.
  5. Get Featured in the Media - If you’ve been featured in a magazine, a YouTube clip, or made a guest appearance on a podcast. Cast a spotlight on your achievements.
  6. Request Verification on Other Platforms - Having a blue check mark next to your handle on other social media platforms will no doubt make getting verified on TikTok much easier. If you haven’t done this already, get onto it!

Having a blue check mark on TikTok isn’t a life or death situation, it’s an added bonus that will help with your brand.

So get onto the platform, have some fun and see where it takes you.