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Social media has opened up a whole new space for marketers and merchants to turn their local product into a global name, all with a few quality posts and some new ideas.

Instagram has really moved to the forefront of marketing campaigns for businesses and products with the social media platform offering countless options and formats to get your content out there.

We’re looking at ‘Reels’ today, and some ideas you might not have thought to use in your own marketing campaigns.

Show Off Your Space.

A great way to get lots of views and interactions on your reels is to share your workspace. You can use this content with an inspirational tone, a promotion style video, and a way for people to see what kind of spaces businesses are using in their day-to-day operations.

A quick, 15-30 second video is all you need here. Focus on the parts of your space you love the most and tell the viewer why you love it so much.

Meet the Team.

Your audience love to see the faces behind the business or product they’re supporting.

Get your team members together and show them off through a reel, share their name and their role, maybe even their favourite food or movie. People love to see that.

Meet Me.

Introducing yourself to your audience is a super easy reel idea. All you have to do is share some information about yourself and why you started your business and presto, you’ve got a reel.

Story Time.

Telling a story to your audience will engage them with your reels. It can be a story about a hard time you successfully overcame, or the inspiration behind your brand or product.

Work From Home.

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses switched to a remote working model and some have continued with that even as restrictions have begun to ease.

Share your work from home tips for a low effort reel idea.

Behind the Scenes.

This one is easy as. No matter what your business is, you can share a short video of a behind the scenes moment, whether its a photo shoot, a meeting, or even your product being built.

Packing Orders.

For product based businesses this one is a no brainer. Customers love to see their products being packed and cared for by the business. Prop your camera up and film yourself packing someone’s order. You can use this to promote each product as you go along.


If you have to order your basic materials regularly, you always have the chance film yourself unboxing them to to show your followers. Your audience will be interested to see the material you use, the brands, and even the place you store them after opening.

Following Trends.

You don’t always have to create business or product specific content when trying to increase your brand awareness. Sometimes just following the trend of a silly video or challenge is going to bring more eyes to your page. Have some fun with it.

These are our favourite reel ideas, we hope these will help you with your businesses marketing campaign.

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