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A brand new News Feed that includes recommendations, a new algorithm for supporting upcoming creators, a social commerce feature to support purchasing goods and services, and much more!

The team at Odnoklassniki (O.K.) revealed some major changes to their platform at their O.K. Update conference today.

One of the biggest changes to the platform is that of the updated News Feed, what is now described as the 'Hybrid News Feed'. Once you have seen all posts in the feed from your friends and groups, you'll be shown featured content from outside of your regular connections to broaden your content choices and keep you in the loop with major events.

screenshot of odnoklssniki update
Hybrid News Feed: Image: Odonklassniki

A new seperate vertical feed will appear on O.K. Which will become available on iOS and Android by the end of 2021. In this new feed, users will find featured content ranging from videos to GIFs.

screenshot of odnoklssniki update
Showcase tab: Image: Odnoklassniki

O.K. has tweaked their algorithm to better showcase content from fresh and interesting creators. The platform will select high-quality content across a broad range of creators and highlight them for general users, allowing for greater reach and discoverability.

The 'Moments' feature will now be accessible not only to personal profiles, but to groups as well. Official groups will be able to add clickable links to the moments they post, regardless of their subscriber count.

A new personalised app menu will also be rolled out, the menu tabs for iOS and Android will now automatically adapt to the individual users preferences, meaning that the sections you visit most on the platform will be even easier to navigate to from your homepage.

screenshot of odnoklssniki update
Personalised menu tabs: Image: Odnoklassniki

Social commerce is coming to O.K. in 2021, you'll now be able to pay for goods from groups and business profiles that operate on O.K.

By using the built-in secure payment system you won't need to leave the platform to complete your purchases.

In addition to this, O.K. have implemented the ability to sell goods through video broadcasts on the platform, viewers of the broadcast will be able to immediately go to the product they are interested in and make a purchase.

screenshot of odnoklssniki update
Social commerce on O.K.: Image: Odnoklassniki

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