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Pinterest is a social media platform that allows you to share and distribute visual content, much like a blog or an inspiration board. Users can save visual content to their wall by using 'pins', allowing for a clear view of their ideas and inspirations to take form.

In 2022, a report was conducted by Date Reportal that found Pinterest has over 433 million active users. This number places Pinterest at the lower end of social media platforms in terms of users, especially when compared with giants like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

If your marketing campaign involves visual content then it'd be good for your brand to consider Pinterest as part of your efforts, you may not have access to as many users as the other platforms but the target market is more niche on Pinterest. You can share loads of visual content from your brand and watch as users pin it to their boards.

When creating pins, you can create engaging content and include relevant keywords to attract your target audience.

Pinterest also allows you to add a link to a landing page of your choice, which is visible to users who click on your pin. Another great way to create more traffic to your website and products is the visual link to the landing page which helps immensely with this.

The linking tool on Pinterest helps businesses to drive traffic to their website, increase the click-through rate, improve their domain score and enhance brand awareness.

Pur Social integrates with Pinterest, allowing you to connect your account to Pur and schedule content as part of your marketing campaign.