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What does it mean?

Most social networks have a legal and permissible way to work with them that does not breach their terms and conditions. This is via their application programming interface (API) that allows us to perform actions on their platform via Pur.

Instagram does not allow posting to stories or reels through third party social publishing platforms, this is why we do not offer those services here at Pur, there are some platforms who do offer those but they are breaching the terms of use with Instagram and have the potential to get your account banned. Once Instagram allows reels and stories as part of the API, Pur will include those in our publishing platform.

Some important steps to keep yourself safe online when using Instagram;

  • Link your mobile and email to your account: This will allow you to more easily recover your username or password in the event of being locked from your account.
  • Don’t go overboard: Some accounts have been blocked due to mass liking of posts or mass following of other users. These two actions can be considered spam by many users and if they may see it as a reason to report the account.

Is it possible to schedule all my posts through Pur Social to go to Instagram?

Yes, you can schedule your posts in the Pur Social app to be published to Instagram at a time of your choosing.

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