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Your guide to social publishing with Pur.

What is the key to unlocking social media publishing’s potential?

In essence we are talking about a platform that allows you to reach the right audience with the right content, at the time and place that they need it most.

But what is social publishing exactly?

Social publishing is what we call the overall process of planning, creating, scheduling and publishing your content across your various social media platforms. Using a step based system we are able to not only improve the efficiency of your posting, but also, make managing the content you have even easier.

Let’s talk about some good habits to have when utilising social publishing.

Always plan your content

This is the golden rule, to get the most out of using a social publishing calendar you need to plan things out in advance.

By filling your upcoming calendar with content it allows you to see where your content is taking you.

This doesn’t mean that you should only fill your calendar with finalised content though, throw in some drafts and ideas down the track so that when creativity is at a low point you’ll have something to fall back on.

Platform specific content

It’s always important to remember that every platform is different, even if they do share a whole heap of similarities. You need to be creating content that leans in to the specifics of each platform as opposed to creating general blanket content.

Instagram is heavy on the visuals, while Twitter is heavy on the writing.

Make sure to stay consistent across your platforms with your unique voice and style, it might take a bit to get the hang of keeping everything the same but different. Give yourself some time to become familiar with your most engaging content types across all the different platforms, analysis will be your best friend here.

Keep an eye on your audience’s habits

Your planned content should always be in line with the times that your audience is most active, if that means you schedule your posts to publish at 9pm every Tuesday because that’s the prime time for your content, then that'll be when to publish them.

Checking up on your audience is the easiest way to keep growing your brand. With Pur, accessing these analytics is super simple.

Automated posting

Manually posting to all of your social accounts is still a viable option, but it is far from the most efficient way to get your content to your audience. 

Time is money

Using social media publishing to your advantage can be a massive time saver for you and your business. If you’re spending the day swapping between social accounts to manually post content multiple times a day, this is costing you time and creating stress. This is what we are aiming to avoid, and with a social publishing platform like Pur Social, the automated publishing schedule is going to save you those extra hours per week to put to use elsewhere.

Manage your content

Utilising an automated content publishing platform like Pur Social will allow you more control over your posts. You’ll be able to schedule, draft and edit your content with Pur all in the one place. Having a clear overview of the content you have in the pipeline will allow you to work through everything even more efficiently.

Streamlining your focus

There are more important aspects to your business than dealing with social media posts, so, by utilising automated posting you’ll find more time to work on the more involved aspects of the business.

Do social media platforms provide me any tools?

Some of the social platforms have a scheduling tool built into their system for free, Facebook for example, has Creator Studio. With this you can schedule and backdate posts, but it doesn’t give you the freedom of managing your content all in the one spot, there is a lack of calendar options and collaboration options if you are working as part of a team.

So what are some things Pur Social can help me with?

Pur Social allows you to schedule all of your posts, publish them to your platforms, and review their progress all in one place. You can customize and draft when posting to multiple accounts all from the one spot, allowing you to grow your brand with a streamlined application.

Pur also integrates seamlessly with all your favourite social accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, O.K, Telegram, and VK.

What should I take away from this article?

Hopefully, this article has given you some insight into social media publishing and the benefits of utilising an external platform like Pur Social.

Using an external platform can save you lots of time and stress. This allows you the freedom to spend that time and energy on some of the more involved aspects of your business instead.

Using the in-built tools that social media platforms offer is a great place to start when dipping your toe into the social publishing game, but you may find that you want to progress further and do more with your content. This is where Pur Social becomes your brand’s new best friend.