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In September, we worked on having clear analytics. We received lots of questions about how these changes work and what they mean for Pur Social going forward. To understand what would work better, we decided to discuss the changes with others to create a clear vision.


As it was before, we are still counting people’s reactions to all posts. An example of this is if a person liked a post that was uploaded in March but they liked it in July, the like would be counted towards July, not March.


As it stands currently: we calculate all engagement metrics based on posts that were published during the selected period. So, if you selected July 2020, then we will only show the likes on posts that came out in July 2020.


We have also updated the look of our analytics, removed any distracting icons, added some tips for each metric, and launched a mobile version. You can read more about these in our announcement.


Other Updates and Fixes:


1)    Added the option of ERR reports by day, week and month to EXCEL reporting


2)    Fixed an issue with the preview of posts before publishing in VK and Odnoklassiniki.


3)    Added support for RSS imports for feeds where posts were not sorted by date.

screenshot of pur social analytics