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Now you can filter posts in the ‘schedule’ section: by page, by category and by author. When filtering posts, the calendar is also updated with the number of posts by day. This allows you to filter posts and see how many scheduled posts match the given filters. You can also filter by author to display posts with RSS, or vice versa, written by hand.

Optimizing analytics speed and scheduling

Improved performance of analytics and post scheduling.


Other updates and fixes

1)    Fixed loading images through links, earlier it might not work from time to time


2)    Clear editor button now resets selected pages


3)    Added display of Telegram buttons to post preview


4)    Fixed the display of analytics for Odnoklassniki - on some accounts the number of subscribers for the current day was incorrectly displayed due to the time zone

5)    Fixed the collection of analytics for Telegram to correctly calculate the number of subscribers

screenshot of pur social app