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Now all post statistics can be viewed in one window. These are both reach metrics and interaction metrics. We calculate some useful metrics ourselves. For example, ER for reach and ER for subscribers at the time of publication. Previously, to find out these numbers, you had to upload the report to Excel and look for the required values ​​there. All metrics are now clickable.

There are also recording statistics for the first 24 hours: views, reach, video views (for posts with video), engagement.

To better measure the effectiveness of stories, we added audience reach, story exit rate, and completion rate.

Analytics of private Telegram channels

Added support for statistics from private Telegram channels to the service - the number of subscribers and changes in the number of subscribers per day. Previously, Pur only collected statistics from public channels and groups.

Other updates and fixes

1)    Fixed the storage of social media page avatars, which sometimes did not work for Instagram


2)    We switched to simpler tooltips, which reduced the load of the service on the browser

screenshot of the pur social app