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VK has launched automatic English translation of publications using neural networks.

VKontakte has released a feature which automatically translates content published in Russian to English. This might sound like something your internet browser already does for you with the click of a button, and you'd be correct 99% of the time.

What VK has implemented is a translator that works on a neural network, adapting data from the way users and creators in the community speak to each other. This allows for more direct translation of colloquial terms and slang that might get lost in a basic Russian to English translator.

VK's automatic translator at work: Image: VKontakte

By providing a feature like this it allows easier access for English speaking users to integrate themselves into the online community and get more out of the social media platform.

According to Alexander Tobol the Technical Director of VK, “Users from other countries are increasingly showing interest in Russian-language content posted on VKontakte."

For the full press release, click here.