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Telegram posting

Schedule, publish and review your Telegram posts with an easy to use Pur interface.

How Pur Makes It Better

Although Telegram has its own auto-posting features and a variety of functional bots, it still has drawbacks. There is no clear interface with schedule to monitor plans and better organise campaigns. Editing bots can be difficult for non technical people. Pur Social corrects all these shortcomings making Telegram posting just so much easier and faster. We support posting to public and private channels and groups.


Plan your posts ahead of time. We will publish them at the right time.


We'll calculate the reach, reactions to posts and track the growth of the audience.


Attach reaction buttons or link buttons to posts.

Improved features


You can attach buttons to posts: reactions or links. Reactions will help engage your audience and know if they liked the story

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Text formatting

The post editor supports text formatting: you can make headings, highlight important, add links.

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Pictures below

If necessary, you can attach a picture to the post at the bottom, after the text.

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Polls and quizzes

Attach polls and quizzes to your posts to engage your audience. The same settings are available as in Telegram.

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Pricing for all

All you need to get the job done.

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