Use this guide to connect Telegram to Pur Social.

Step 1) Login to Pur Social

Step 2) Navigate to the left of the screen and click on 'Quick Start'

Step 3) Once in the 'Quick Start' page, navigate to 'Connect social accounts' and click 'Connect more'.

Step 4) From the drop down menu, select 'Telegram'.

Step 5) Create a channel bot using the 'Botfather' on Telegram.

The Botfather will generate a bot token for you after naming your new bot.

Step 6) Copy the bot token generated by the Botfather and paste it into the space provided on Pur.

Step 7) Make your bot an administrator.

Click on 'Administrators' and add your new bot to the list.

Step 8) Copy your channel name to the space provided on Pur.

Copy the link shown here which has your channel name attached.
Once you have copied your channel name to the Pur platform you can click 'connect' at the bottom of the page.

Step 9) Congratulations! You have successfully linked your Telegram account with Pur Social.